Welcome to Ville Forte

The operator of LPG transshipment

and storage complex "Izmail"

Ville Forte Ukraine LLC is the operator of LPG storage and transshipment complex in Izmail port, Odessa Region

Missions of the company are: to meet the needs and develop the liquefied gas market, provide quality service, safety and responsibility at all stages of the work.

Our terminal of LPG transshipment is the most modern in Ukraine. 

It features a new highly efficient equipment.

  • a modern pump-compressor station with semi-automatic control
  • an accurate flowmeters and weighing systems
  • a car ramp
  • a railway ramp, for processing 14 railcar cisterns
  • a berth line, equipped with pipelines for processing the sea and river vessels

The capacity of Izmail terminal is

120 kt per year.

The terminal’s capacity allows to amortize possible technological failures and disruptions in the schedule of deliveries.

The location allows us to ensure a competitive range of LPG supplies to Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Moldova, southern regions of Ukraine.

The terminal is a logistic hub and the main element of the various multimodal schemes, which determines its diversification and ability to adapt to transport and trade changes.

Technical capabilities of the terminal make it possible to provide simultaneous road, rail and water transshipment operations.

Saving transport costs in comparison with the main alternative LPG supply routes from CIS to the Balkans (Giurgiulesti, Vadul-Sire exp., Dyakovo exp., Reni-port exp.)

Saving transport costs, by reducing the turnover period of the railcars.

Ville Forte provides a full range of services related to the reception, storage and shipment of LPG by water, rail and road transport.

Over the past 10 years, a large number of terminals have been commissioned in the Danube region and a full-fledged LPG transportation market has been formed.

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Welcome to Ville Forte

The operator of LPG transshipment

and storage complex "Izmail"